Saturday, January 5, 2008

Life is lotcha.

Its that part of the year again. Here goes, fingers crossed:

Resolution #1: Ought to get published before 2009 arrives, be it in the technical press of IEEE through a research paper or the much-lusted-for Penguin India through my first novel 'A Theory Of Intelligence.'
(Details deliberately withheld to validate the print-outs of my own printer as having been published.)

Resolution #2: Will not be short sighted for any career related decisions and would always take the bigger picture in to account, every time. Will not treat myself as a gifted, extra terrestrial, super natural powers possessing, higher being and will keep it simple.
(All it means is fancier excuses coming up for procrastination of all career related tasks.)

Resolution #3: Will appropriately exploit all my half talents like sketching, biking, soccer, writing(?), athletics, cricket, biking, scuplturing, reciting, anchoring, dancing, sky diving, hair dressing, tailoring and cooking by practising each one of them for at least two hours, every day.
(Position vacant for a sky diving mate) .

Resolution #4: Will graduate my four pack to an ala SRK six pack.
(Cant promise, but will also try to not turn down requests for tips on developing a four pack.)

Resolution #5: Will top eigth semester, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering.
(Dont laugh. Its only been nine years since I last topped my class.)

Resolution #6: I will watch more movies, read more books and become even more sane.
(sane, you see, is a flexible word.)

Resolution #33: I will not tamper with point number of my posts to bring the delusion of a long post.

P.S. With eight definite and four marginally wrong decisions in one match and one racist charge which is hard/impossible to gulp, I will be disappointed if Indian Cricket team stops giving a shit about the spirit of the game and comes back before the tour really ends.


durjoy datta said...

#1: best of luck!!!

#2:ha! thats not new....!

#3: so you seem to have finally decide not to make a career....!

#4: liar!liar! pants on fire!
havnt seen those....
not that i want to!

#5: yup,i may beat obama to's possible..!

#6:now that.....that makes sense...


we have all taken grounded catches.....Mr. ponting....we know how it feels....
just that you must a taken a zillion more than us...!

Johnny Cigar said...

@ dj:
1: same to u for the same.
2: how i wish it was.
3: you never know.
4: :D
5: thats an idea.
6: really? i need to work harder at my non sense skills.
7: :D

newspapers were fun today..

gunj said...

aah sme big resolutions thr
i wish u luck fo all of those!! :)
hav a gr8 yr ahead!!

Johnny Cigar said...

which one?

J E E V Y said...

I stopped takin new year resolutions! :P cuz I realized that i never kept any of them! :P
lol! nice blog mate!


Johnny Cigar said...

hope to see you here more frequently.

v_H said...

;) and do you think I should save this post and compare it with nxt yr's resolution ehh?!! May be we can see where yu reached with 4 pack ;)

#1- start with IEEE, thats more believable :)
send me a link if yu r able to do that
#2- gee hee, another ENGG ;)
#3- oo i Have never done ski-diving, u have sme experience.. I don't want to die in my first attempt ;) newayz I apply !
##- i won't go on commenting on each one to make ths comment an incredibly long and fooling you into thinking that i liked the post ;)

Happy New Year!!

PS :- and cricket.. God , I am fed up!!
Aussies and Bucky idiot go to sme hell

Reeta Skeeter said...


J E E V Y said...

sure will! :)
have linked to ur blog~

d SINNER!!! said...

:) thanx for visitin..

Johnny Cigar said...

I am only four pack away froma four pack.
#1: been two years since i started.
hope to finish it this year.
#2: gee hee another engg.
#3: see you at Massourie suicide point at 8AM Thursday morning.
get a chute.
## ? dint get you. did you like it or did you not? by default i ll assume that you did not.


thank you so much.

same to you.

Swayam said...

with your six pacs hope to see you doing a Darde-disco during our fests...and Bst of luck with your other resolutions...

Johnny Cigar said...

i sure will if i get an IIM call in the expected cat result in two hours time.

Ankur said...

happy new yr

dintoons said...

i like #6, sounds like fun!
yes, flexible is good o_0

johnny, thanks for your visit and kind words, do have a fantastic year 2008... and wishing that all your amazing goals and creative dreams come true!!

dintoons said...

and hey, FANTASTIC TOON there... more please!!! :D

johnny cigar said...

same to you.

@dintoons the legend..
am still awestruck with your blog.
loved it.
thanks for dropping by.

KP said...

good luck wid resolution nice IEEE.....welcome to engineers world......;) wish u all the vbest

Johnny Cigar said...

Its closer to the time that i left the engineer's world..
its been quite a while since i ve been here..

anits said...

hi johnny...first time im visiting your blog...interesting blog...hv a nice day!


Keshi said...

All the best mate!


myinsouciantsoul said...

Hmmm, another bunch of new year resolutions! Well no offense meant but new year resolutions are meant to be broken ;)

Mine being I will make no more new year resolutions. Hopefully, we both stick to ours.

Looking forward to read your name on both IEEE and Penguin...

RADhika said...

so, any resolution actually being implimented so far????

Reeta Skeeter said...

hey thx!

johnny cigar said...


@keshi, the celebrity blogger,

@my-something-soul, the GRE studd,
thanks for the best wishes..
but discussing the funny reasons behind breaking resolutions is fun, trust me.

@radhika, the interesting commentator,
i must say your comment has forced me to think..
here goes:
#1: work is on but unfortunately, results arent known until the very end arrives.
#2: yet to be tested.
#3: exceling beyond expectations.
#4: as is said, only four pack away from a four pack.
#5: practically unfeasible resolution.
#6: am proud of how i am faring at this one.
#7: yet to be tested.
thanks for dropping by..

@reeta, the lovely alias,
wanted to tell you that i simply love your alias.

divya said...

lolz sweet cute lovely funny blog u have here :) just loved the first post of urs :P
Goodluck and happy blogging :)

johnny cigar said...

@ divya, the ultra sweet girl,
thank so much..
happy blogging to you too.

Marghy said...

Hi! What did you want to mean with your comment? That i look much back to my past life? id love not to think again about, but write is the only one way to take out my pain.
Do you write novels? Did you write book? ;o) im tryin to do but im so lazy ihihi! Many many ideas.
Have a good week end!!

p.s. can i add you as friend?

Aditi aka Jiggs said...

luck with ya novel
hpe u get goin with ur resolutions
if u tp plzz pass on soem tips to me too
cheers :)

Anonymous said...

i am trying to..
hope i can finish it before it finishes me.

P.S. Why ask before doing something so sweet?

tip#1:dont ask for tips from me or you will never succeed!

Vandita said...

blog updated and there's something for u on it :)

Johnny Cigar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny Cigar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny Cigar said...

Disappointed on having missed out on a mention..

Rashi said...

hahaha, the best part of the whole post is..the title...:)

Mez said...

quite a lotta talents u have eh! multi-faceted must say..

Vandita said...

awww sorry dear...will take some time knowin ya

Johnny Cigar said...

yeah, even i love the title..
but i wonder how many people can actually understand it..

it is just the tip of the iceberg..

anxiously waiting for the next list..

nisha punjabi said...

when will ppl start making realistic resolutions!!???

Shrutilaya said...

Hope you cann.. eerr.. achive them all.

Good luck with it that. :|

Av. said...

Good luck with all your resolutions! :)
Though, try not hurting anybody (including yourself.) :P

Anonymous said...

@ 4 - grow up! :)

creyzeee said...

"Will not treat myself as a gifted, extra terrestrial, super natural powers possessing, higher being....."
really???? :P
and no.3...u know all of those??