Friday, December 21, 2007

I rock, do I?

rock music is a variant of hindustani classical music which originated in the Andamans in the fourth century and travelled to Portugal with Vasco de Gama.
It is a tool adopted by saliva factories to take revenge from the world for giving them a headaches for reasons like paying room rent or buying toilet paper.
standing in the front row in a rock concert is like being hung by your chest hair (no offense meant if you are a girl).
rock music should be banned if not buried.


raajul said...

hey! i hav nt much of an xperience on it bt sum of ma classmates vud definitly b sad abt it
or it may set their blood boilin
but the piece was sure interestin
keep it up...

sachin said...

thanks raajul..
not just your classmates, it the blood of most of my friends was adopting strange tempratures on reading this.
hope to see you here more often.

raaajul said...

oh i vud luv 2

Narayanan said...

This is one crazy song video you would love to see... ;).

Anonymous said...

no experience, no comments ;)

tvo LAD said...

Hey! dint boil my blood.
But the views were sure..... surreal

Music 101 Test Paper
Define Rock?

PS: surreal was a euphemism for bizarre :)

Johnny Cigar said...

where have you gone?

that was one crazy video.

how i wish i could say the same.

ans1: whatever that band called them clones was playing at the concrt i attended!

Eternal Optimista said...


I blogrolled you a long long time ago.. for the sole purpose that someday when I get time, I will read your blog with much itminaan.
But, as they say, better late than never. ;) It's actually a fun feeling to find someone who dislikes rock as much as I do. Most of my friends are hard core rock fanatics. And we often get into heated arguments for our different tastes in music. But, nevertheless I find them to be very interesting people. They are actually the people who can vent all the steam out. Somewhere, deep down.. I often wish I could like it. And let my hair down like that, yelling at the top of my voice, saying screw you to many on face.

But, as they say, if wishes were horses.. ;)

Will come back soon!

Gayatri said...

whoah! some very strong words, too strong if you ask me.

i get that you dont like metal, but dont thrash the art form like so, its not cool, not cool at all! =)