Thursday, December 13, 2007


Floods, quakes, terrorist attacks, riots, plague, draught, fake shoot outs, Gujarat has seen it all in a matter of eleven years.
But if Narendra Modi wins this time around, I would get in a personal war with the land of India’s most famous son.
And the biggest loser of the stand off might be the innocent IIMA if I pledge to not land a step in Gujarat.


Narayanan said...

Why do u think IIMA, of all things in this world, would be the biggest loser? In spite of the fact that it is a centrally administered institution.

sachin said...

suitable editing has been made NaraRama.

Kshitij said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kshitij said...

Hey cumon, Sach...U cannot blame the state for the state it is in!!
And need I tell u how these elections work?
don't punish IIMA for it.
Germany gave us Hitler, but so much else,besides.
You havent responded to the 4th Anniv call, yet?

sachin said...

how i wish i had the aukaat to punish IIMA.
regarding the forth anniv:
needful done!

raajul said...

there r so many things v dont hav our way n them the way they r
but do v need 2 do such bussinesss till v cant ourselves do sumthin abt it
jus see bihar 4 xample
the lalooland-laloo then n then at harv/oxford etc
do v really merit talkin on such issues ven v may jus shun frm all responsibilities or work 4 sum betterment afterall shuttin ur eyes does nt change the reality or does it same if u /me flee India
INdia will still b able to sustain itself
no doubt
bt still nice senti topic

raajul said...

hey ! what happened? no ne blog?
i was lookin forward 2 read sumthing interestin.........

Nishi v2.2 said...

IIMA suffering from a big setback.. :)

Anonymous said...

@ rajul1:
well its highly subjective and such discussions always sound idiotic when done in public..
lets wait for our next bumping in to eachother..
that is one helluva compliment..

i so hope IIMA realizes it as well..

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