Wednesday, October 31, 2007

THE theory of Intelligence IV

Note:Please read 'A Theory of Intelligence I,II,III' before you read this.

Not too many years ago, I did this:

When I drew this sketch, I was completely over come by a desire to see it framed. The muse promised to sponsor the same although it never happened.
I have no clue where the sketch is now and whether it still exists or not.
I was taken over by exactly the same feeling today after not too many years.
I have knitted the plot of my book for some months now but its been quite some days since I penned any part of it.
I am never busy. My state only changes from I should be busy, so I better not take up vella (useless) tasks to I am free, so I can afford a day out.
But the fact remains that even when I am supposed to be busy, I can easily put in the time spent watching TV on an outing.
So recently, its been an I-ought-to-be-busy phase.
This explains my refrain from blogging, replying to mails, wishing best buddy on her b'day and the list is listless.
I was completely caught unaware when I sat down to analyse how my book was shaping with a marker and white board to find that I had actually framed eleven meaningful chapters!
How it would feel to see my work in print, I cant wait to discover.
Passing across Harper Collins in CP made me feel the way I felt passing IIT in class 12.
How I wish I get there.
The time has come that I formally announced the first feedback of the book.
The judge, lets call her M, is going to be a three year old buddy.
An avid reader, hypo-critical(most importantly), whose opinion I can appreciate.
More over, I like to believe, that she believes that I have a midas touch and hence will take my lunatic/ingenious attempt seriously.

P.S. The sem result is out and I am convincingly passing in almost all of them.


Neha said...

hey sachin...sorry for not replying to ur mail even though it was so cool to receive it...been kinda in baku...will start working tomorrow...hopefully will blog today...hey r u activ on orkut or facebook?
...its easier to scrap for me..lemme kno

Neha said...

hey...finally i DID post a new might particularly enjoy it since its something abt paris...your view and comment is highly awaited :)

Kshitij said...

You'll get there...I have no doubt...)
Good luck with them chapters..
I'll need an autographed copy too, u know. :D

sachin said...

Feels great when people show any type of confidence in me.
I wonder why though.