Thursday, November 22, 2007

CAT 07

Its rummy that I put in only a week in CAT preparation.
Its rummy that there is still a possibility that it might have just proved enough.
Its rummy that the dynamic CAT had no surprises this year.
Its rummy that still I found myself devoid of any sort of strategy.
Its rummy that the total number of questions I must have practiced for Quant would be less than one hundredth of a usual CAT aspirant.
Its rummy that I still scored twice the cut off.
Its rummy that the CAT Data Interpretation Section was easier than it has ever been.
Its rummy that still I only just managed to clear the DI cut off.
Its rummy that every thing now hinges on my English marks.
Its rummy that if I get thirty five, seven (Shillong now has the seventh) IIM calls.
Its rummy that if I get thirty, four IIMs.
Its rummy that if I get less than twenty five, no IIM calls at all.
Its rummy that even with an attempt of seventy two marks, my chances of getting through are not very bright.
What is even more rummy than all this is that I could not find any discrepancy or ambiguity in the sixty odd practice papers offered by institutes like Career Launcher, T.I.M.E. or IMS. Bbut IIMs, with their impeccable panel, can not avoid mistakes. In fact, there might be three or four of them in this year's paper.


Narayanan said...

All the best dude! Hope to see u make it... I didnt get the last part.

Supriya Narang said...

wow!! nice to see sum1 with all 7 iim calls :)
wot was the last part? didn't really get it!

sachin said...

suitable editing done to make the last part more comprehensible.

@Supriya Narang
Did I really suggest that I am getting all 7 calls?
dint mean to..
zero calls is still a strong possibility!

Kshitij said...

Is it rummy that everything hinges on ur English scores, and I spotted a couple of mistakes in your post?
was really curious how you did..and am glad that ur still in with a chance....

sachin said...

just 2!
am improving!