Friday, October 19, 2007

Being Mussadi

Misery often leaves you laughing hard.
It turns out that the toughest paper work about a foreign internship is definitely not managing a Passport or a Visa.
It is getting some papers signed by the college authorities.
Here is the hilarious (to me, at least) journey through the sarkari (ineffective) ways of one of the top ten engineering colleges of India.
Keep in mind that for reasons hard to put in words, no two of the following meetings could take place on the same day.
People I approached followed by their responses:

1:H.O.D, Electronics.
Did you not read the newspaper today?
It clearly states I am ultra busy today.
Come tomorrow.

2.H.O.D, Electronics.
You again dint read the newspaper?
Come tomorrow.

3.H.O.D, Electronics.
*frowns, no, sulks*
he:Why are you here?
me:Paris Internship.
he:Meet the Dean Academics.

4.Dean Academics:
How dare you meet me.
You rusted piece of dusty mud.
How dare you were born.
Your H.O.D should himself handle the case.

5.H.O.D, Electronics.
Why did you go?
How did you go?
Where did you go?
When did you go?
What did you go for?
*taking the maximum possible time to understand every reply of mine*
I am forwarding your application to the princi.

6.Princi's P.A.
*triumphant as if just had a personal win*
He is out of office. Will come next week.

*as taciturn as they get*
Forwarded to Administrative Head with the question:
"What is our take on such cases?"

8.Administrative Head.
*Looks at me as if I had asked him the future strategy of FIIs on the rising Sensex*
Forwarded to Dean Academics with no comments/questions/requests.

9.Dean Academics.
*Looks at me with a silent growl*
Forwarded to the Head Clerk.

10.Head Clerk.
*in the most matter-of-factly manner*
he:We cant help you.
he:You should have come a month earlier.
me:But if you check the date on which the letter was forwarded by my HOD to the princi, it is of two months back.
he:*with fakest possible anger* How dare you answer back to me. Gimme your I card.

I came out of the room and laughed louder than I have in recent times.


Narayanan said...

LOL. Nice one. The situation is much better here, though u can't get completely rid of such people anywhere. I now see that ur Paris trip has been a complete fiasco after all. It did u no good other than give u a valuable "socio-cultural" experience.

sachin said...

As SRK says in his Om Shanti Om:
"picture abhi baaki hai mere dost"

angad singh ranyal said...

its one of the most humorous post i have ever read.. grt wrk sachin..

sachin said...