Saturday, September 22, 2007

A theory of intelligence II

Note: Please read the post right below this one (A theory of intelligence-I), before you read this.


everday events, rare thoughts

Sachin Garg
(baarahwi pass)


Chapter 1
Bare Beginning

I was not in free fall.


This is a teaser preview of the book. Starting from the cover page and ending with the first sentence of the book. The week was occupied by taking the toughest decision related to the book which is to whether write it or not. The decision has been made. The book is going to be written. I Am not aiming to get it published as of now. The aim is to test myself.
Here are the recent developments:

Present status:

  • I had planned on five chapters initially but I soon realized that all of them were beyond the scope of a chapter and they have been promoted to five parts of the book.
  • All my analysis have given me a whopping twenty percent chance of being up to something worth while here. I am more than happy with twenty percent. Its a lot more than I can ask for.
  • Two chapters of the first part have been
    written and its been an exhilarating experience. Writing a book needs thirty sixty degree thinking with highest possible concentration, which some how
    I had not expected. Its really taxing
    for the brain and can not be done for more than thirty minutes at stretch. Having knitted the story in my skull before beginning is turning out to be a HUGE asset.
  • All my creative khudak (urge) is being satisfied by the book these days which might mean that I become irregular at my blog. With GRE just ten days away, life is getting hectic.
Three authors need a special mention for my futile/best-ever attempt:
  • I wanted to find a way of paying tribute to the man who has encouraged every other DCEite to attempt writing a book. Some how, I cant help assuming that the number of IITians trying to emulate him cant be small. I have named the first chapter same as the first chapter of his book -bare beginnings. I need to clarify here that my book is in no way similar to Chetan Bhagat's and I am not a fan of his writings. But he is an inspiration power house for the not-so-talented in literature but gifted at story knitting janata.

  • My only inspiration to write is Ayn Rand. Again, I can not say I am in love with her writings but I want to write like her. But she was gifted. Am I? Finding an answer to this question pretty much sums up the aim of the book.
  • How can I let go a chance to bash Robin Shama. Heres the story behind my rivalry with the author of 'the monk who sold his ferrari':14 hours to my Transmission Lines and Wave Guide exam and my friends tell me about the awesome reviews they have read for the book. I cant resist. I started reading the book thinking I ll read just a few pages. The starting is pathetic.What makes the book so popular?I had to read beyond. The middle part is also bakwaas. May be there is some thing about the ending. Two hours to the exam. The ending was terrible.The exam was obviously screwed, as usual. I hate Robin Sharma.


Please share your first impression on reading the following and what they make you expect.

  • The idea of writing a book by a baarahwi (twelfth) pass person who has not had any writing success except the one in a Story Writing Competition organised by Scholastic in class X.
  • Title: A theory of intelligence.
  • Subtitle: Everyday events, rare thoughts
  • First sentence: I was not in free fall.
Writing a book is the biggest expression of freedom. Try it.


durjoy datta said...

you havnt let out anythn....!!!!!!
i expected some insights to the plot line!!!!
but go ahead.........!!!!
20prcnt is huge figure....!!!
go ahead,strive hard n dnt lose the steam..........
best of luck...!!!!!
do it quick man!
cant wait.............!!!!

Anonymous said...

the speed with which u are minting blogs even in the face of GRE, I dunno if ever you get down to writing the bok, but I am sure your blogs will be collected and printed...

They aren't bad....

Take a look at this blog:


Neha said...

if your book is half as interesting as the blogs about it i think we are looking at a bestseller :)

and ya...ayn rand fan too...welcome to the club

sachin said...

now that i have got a few people interested in hte plot of my book, its time i put a date on the plot-release..
i ll put it on 3rd oct..
bhai's b day..

20 percent deserves editing now..
its more of kinda back to half percent..
steam is about to burn me with all the latent heat..
so dont worry..

@seth darling,
in my case, GRE is an all the more motivation to write..
thats the way its always been with me..
work load makes me strive harder for creativity..
thanks for the compliment..
whne it comes to you, the mildest of compliments spurs me on..
i am not too sure what you mean by getting my blog printed though..

when i read the comment i actually found the compliment too good to be true..
thank you so much for the appreciation..
luckily, i havent been short of content for the book and am so god damn excited about it..
am not letting go a chance to advertise it just to make it an ego issue to push myself..
i must confess that even though i am an ayn rand fan, i havent read atlas shrugged..
just read the fountainheaad and my story line is analogous to the same in some ways..
thank you

Adi Crazy said...

Ah! I am enlightened!
Thankyou!*bows down*

wacko said...

dudeeee..your blog's more sophisticated now which am in totally love with..

u writing a book..whooa...gre 10 days away..W-O-W...same is with me..gre on 8th..fucked up..sulking away all the time..duno what to do...and i thought am the only one to have this feeling..

u finally using bullets to format your post..ahem ahem..

nice nice!

cheers and all the best!

sachin said...

join the club of enlightened by sachin people..
whats are also the founder of it..

although i am sure i would have used bullets any how at some sure did fasten the process by your ultra useful feedback..
thank you for that..
and brother, it ll take twenty GREs to make me sulk,
i am the god of not-affected-by-failure club of the planet..
especially when India is the world champion in T20, no chance of a glimmer of sadness..
all the best to you too..

P.S.1: I love T20 cricket..
P.S.2: Loved watching the reception of Indian team after the world cup at Mumbai..

Neha said...

okie...fountainhead inspired...
anyway u shud try n get ur hands on atlas shrugged asap...its just mind blowing...
so i thought u were writing gre as well...wats that about?

sachin said...

actually as i told you earlier..i have been reading purely non fiction of late..
i tried great expectations but could even finish it..
will read atlas shrugged though, once i get relatively free..
my gre is on 1 st oct..
wassup with you?

Anonymous said...

can i still have the first signed copy of ur book?!??!??

sachin said...

That is the cutest thing i have read in a long long time..

i ll remember this one if ever i have to nominate for a best comment award..

the free copy is yours..
if there is any..

Swayamsiddha Das said...

lukin 4ward to the buk cumin around...n wats wid dis cumpletely hindi comment on my blog...playing around wid the indian hypocrisy or wat of speaking in English...or hinglish rather which seems to hav bcum our lingua franca...

sachin said...

nobody is looking forward to the book more than myself..
i am so looking forward to it that it is the only thing i see..

i could empathize with your views on hindi hypocrisy so preffered to write in hindi..

is sometimes wish i wrote in hindi but i realize that the damamge was done before i was old enough to decide the language i want to write in..

koi na..
at least i make sure i talk in hindi in restaurants..

Anonymous said...

mail kar diyo complete kar ke..

sachin said...

yar i have strictly decided to not forward any soft copies to any one at all..
no matter who asks for it..
sorry brother..
not that i dont trust you but i just dont feel like circulating the soft copy.

Anonymous said...

tell Swayamsiddha Das that i found her blog menopausal

do i even need to say who this is???

Abhishek Sachdev said...

its too late 4 bestta luck wishes....well, kitne bane aaj???
Do lemme kno....n yeahhh...goes widout sayin...d gre too deserves its
hall f fame....i mean d blog entry....!

sachin said...

The blog entry has been made its kinda unconventional..

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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