Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Borrowed under garments

Edit: Half of this is post is fictitious.

Analytical Writing in GRE is all about analogies. The topic is the best analogy I can think of for my foray into technology as a career.

The analogy is relevant in more than one ways.

Why would one want to borrow under garments? Obviously because of lack of fore sight. He failed to analyze some upcoming situation and muddled it up completely. I did something similar.

Borrowed under garments seldom fit well. Or you can say that you did not fit them well. That is exactly what happened.

Borrowed under garments always leave you with that feeling that did I do the right thing by borrowing it? Would I have not done better without any at all? This is exactly how I feel right now. I wonder if I was to go back in time then would I have taken GRE again.

Borrowed under garments always leave you with a genuine defense for the situation which resulted in the occuring of the mess up. "Actually, एनं मौक़े पर ये हो गया, वरना सब मस्त था "(to translate: " this happened at the last moment or everything was under control"). I have my own 'genuine' defense and as DJ and Seth would testify, it aint all that bad.

Borrowed under garments always leave you with a nagging preoccupation of trying to conceal the act. Discovery would be so embarassing! I wish I had not babbled so much about my GRE.

Borrowed under garments always receive negative reaction from parents.

Borrowed under garments are unhappy memory.

P.S. I am far from being depressed about it. Feel free to write anything in the comment section.


durjoy datta said...

borrowed undergarments??????
but borrowed undergarments???
explains ur non "hands-free comfort"!!!!!

sachin said...

you forgot the second person used through out the post..
it wasnt a conincidence..!

Neha said...

is this post a work of fiction or have you experienced BOTH:)

i am still wondering how you came up with such an unusual analogy :o)

sachin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sachin said...

just needed to vent out my frustration regarding GRE..
Suitable editing has been made to answer your query..
lets see how much you know me..

Neha said...

As it turns out i DID notice it and found the answer to my query...which is sort of a relief!

Anonymous said...

what WAS ur score??


sachin said...

thank god you read it!

a mail will hit your inbox pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

i really adore your writing kind, very interesting.
don't quit and also keep creating for the reason that it just worth to follow it.
looking forward to browse much more of your current stories, have a good day :)

Anonymous said...


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