Saturday, September 15, 2007

A theory of intelligence

This is to formally announce that I have finally started work on my first book. Here are the details:

The book, as of now, has 5 chapters.

1st Chapter: This chapter is about semi-introducing the characters. Though you dont really get to know them, you get a feel of who they are. The book has two main characters and the back drop is, u guessed it, Paris. Had to be Paris. Its about a side kick Pulkit, form Delhi, stuck in Paris with an ultra intelligent chap, Narayanan Ramanan (Dear Narayanan, I never told you that I love your name and had decided to use it the day I heard it for the first time.It just fits my character perfectly) from Chennai. I am done with the first rough draft of this chapter and conservative estimates put it at 20 pages of MS Word at font 12, its long enough. Its philosophy all the way. One of the two concepts I have nested in my brain, which I was desperate to share which forced me to write this book in the first place.

2nd, 3rd Chapter
: They cover the mystery part. Something happens and they both get out of it. Cant be shared here unfortunately. But its interesting, I assure you. Although I have rough drafted only the first chapter, and wont go beyond that probably till January, these chapters are well shaped somewhere inside my skull.

4th Chapter: This chapter is the build up to the last chapter. It sets up the scene to the grand climax. It starts with delving in to the psyche of the two characters. Some turn of events and deductions result in the final unfolding.

5th Chapter: This is the climax of the book. Pray it appeals to the intellectuals. Pray it is good. I am often haunted by the thought that what if everybody dismisses it as common place, hackneyed. It is at moments like these that Robin Sharma comes to the rescue. Not only did he write a book as terrible as 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari', he also found a publisher and he also got it on some best seller lists. No matter how hard I try, I can not succeed in beating him in writing crap.
The climax has been shaping up for some time now. But I soon realised that its beyond the scope of a blog, diary entry or e mail. It needs a book. A book called: 'A theory of intelligence'.

Plan of action: I have not let myself down for some time now. I hope this does not kill the euphoria. I hope I finish this endeavour I have taken up. I plan to start writing and researching in January for the book. And get a fair draft by April.


durjoy datta said...

the website took just "3 hours"..........!!!!
so,i hope.....................
anyways,best of luck...............!!!!!!
hope to read it soon........!!!!!

Abhishek Sachdev said...

yeah...eagerly waiting....!
hope to share royalty profits with ya...!
n bestta luck for midsems..!

sachin said...

brother,theres a major difference between a job and a hobby!
and this is something i have to hold myself back from doing rather than having to push myself.

elated to see your comment..
welcome to the family..
thanks for assuming that it will get published..!
I have my doubts about that..
donno about royalty, but a treat will await you the day it hits the stands..
thanks for the best wishes..
i sure need em..

Neha said...

though couldn't make much out with the minuscule plot you've shared, i must say i am impressed with your perseverance... i can't believe if u get this published i'd be friends with an author b4 he became one ;)
very excited to read anything else you put up here related to the book.. my honest wishes are with you

sachin said...

thank yuo so much for the best wishes..
they mean a lot to me..
i am in two minds about posting the first rough draft on my blog..
i know i cant resist a feedback for long..
with due respect to schlum, will you have access to the internet when you work??
people say its kind of a field job so I thought you might not..
i ll need you around in course of writing it if i do go all the way!

Neha said...

oh ya i'll be online most of the time i guess...i take this from my fellow schlum colleagues who are usually keeping themslves busy on gtalk :)
and ya i would love to read the first draft but ofcourse its totally your call ;) so keep up the good work andi hope you can motivate me too!

sachin said...

well my recent self analysis has come up with astounding stats..
theres a 99% chance that i am up to pure bull shit here..
and only 1 % percent chance that i am able to do something worth while..
and the sad part is that i am just not being able to conjure a summary or vocal explanation of the book to take someone's feedback..
theres a lot to decide..
nice to know u ll be around..
may be because, with no offense, I still think we have certain similarity in our writing styles..

Narayanan said...

Hmm...Well! It is extremely exciting to have your name on a book! It gives u the feeling of being made invincible in the sands of time. The title looks captivating.

Work on your talent and bring up your book soon! You can always ask for any kind of help from me.

sachin said...

just the words i wanted to hear..
cos i do need a lot of inputs from you brother..
especially on the cultural differences of our lands..
but what i also want you to understand is that i ll have to be negative on the character as well at times..
and please dont take it personally..
will mail you the rough draft pretty soon..

Silver Mist said...

You're writing a book? Wow, that sounds fantastic!
Seems interesting, keep up the hard work :)
And I agree with you on the Robin Sharma bit!

Thanks for the comment. Catch ya later.


Sachin the Seth :)) said...

was this the post i ws supposed to comment upon????

In that case, hope your novella comes up well... There are a few books that you should have read before you embarked upon the adventure, could have helped you in writing better..

But lets see how this unpolished gem turns out


sachin said...

the catch in writing a novel is that it only sounds interesting but it actually is not at all..
in fact its begun to shape up like any other research project I have ever taken up..
simultaneously, the challenge is encouragement to write because I had been wondering that if its so easy to write one, then y cant everyone write a book..?
the challenge motivates me by telling me that not many are capable of it..
its taking helluva effort..

i dont know y but robin sharma inspies such raw hatred in me that i bash him at every chance i get..

the reason why i really wanted you to comment on this post was that you are one person who can gimme a frank opinion in case i was upto some pure crap..
thus, the encouraging words made me take a sigh of relief..
might contact you regarding the research part for the book as well..

Priya said...

Good luck for your book!

Anonymous said...

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