Monday, September 3, 2007

the C gang

Although its not been too long since I was a fresher, and most of my hair is still black, I would still like you to read this blog visualising a mature guy recollecting one of his amusing experiences of yesteryears.

date:17th January,2005
location:The sets of Jeena Isi Ka Naam hai. SRK is the guest and Farookh Sheikh the host. Three men in their late thirties enter the sets.
Farookh Sheikh: I invite your college friends.
Man1: We are friends from Hans Raj College.
Shah Rukh Khan: blah blah blah.
Man2: blah blah blah.
Shah Rukh Khan: In college,we had a gang.We called it the 'C gang'.We got ultra inspired when we watched John Trovolta's 'GREASE'.We had jackets and I cards with 'C Gang' printed on them. We stole Maruti 800's emblem and cut zeros into two to create the 'C' of this Brouch we used to wear everyday. And we used to steal these Maruti emblems from my locality's cars. I hope my neighbours have forgiven me by now.
Everyone:  *grins*

date:18th January,2005
Four INNOCENT guys are sitting in BM Hostel and farting (chatting) the way they had been doing since day 1 of college.

Sachin:Our class is a bunch of losers.
Rashul:Yeah,we people are the only one worth talking to.
Yogesh:Its loaded with ghissus(geeks).
Varun:yeah.I would have choked had you guys not been around.
Sachin:I know. We are the coolest bunch to have taken admission in DCE.
Yogesh:Yup.People need to realise that there is life beyond all this.
Sachin:I was watching Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai last night on ZEE TV.
Rashul:No wonder you flunked in Manufacturing Processes in first sem.
Sachin:SRK had this gang of four guys who would boss around teaching every one a lesson.
Varun:You mean we also form a gang?
Rashul:Sounds cool.
Sachin:I am game.
Yogesh:Done then.
Rashul:Think of a name.
Varun: We cant take up something like 'cool guys' or 'the studds' or something.That will be *beep*
Sachin:Then what?

Four of them walking from the hostel to the classes crossing te library in the order:
Yogesh(left most),Rashul,Varun,Sachin(right most).
Sachin:Think of something brothers.Think of a nice name.
Yogesh:But what?
Sachin:Lets use the first alphabets of the names of all of us.
Chorus: Y R V S?
Chorus:Man thats so cool.
Varun:Why aRe we S?
Rashul: Man thats cool.
Varun:Now we just have to think of an adjective starting with 'S'.
Sachin:Theres a whole range of them available. Suave, sophisticated, sexy, sexed up,seductive , sultry, simian. And the list can go on and on.

Sitting in the lawns next to Electrical Block Canteen:
Varun:Man we got to have T shirts printed with YRVS.
Yogesh:Make sure you dont blow the trumpet of the gang thing.Things with blown trumpet never work out.
Rashul:It happened with me in school.
Sachin:You know we could just leave it to people what S means.We could use  'Y R V S...'
Yogesh:And people could just use an adjective out of their free will.Man thats cool.

Sitting in BM Hostel again after having sweated in the fitting workshop:
Sachin:People I have an idea.
Sachin:You know the alphabets Y R V S could be shuffled in the form VYRS and we could pronounce it as 'virus'.We will call ourselves the viruses.Beat that?
Everyone:That is so so so cool.Done then.

date:21st January.
The T5 canteen.A boisterous bunch is sitting on a table. And I, Anshul and Durjoy are sitting on the next table.
Durjoy:You guys are doing well.VYRS seem the perfect gang.I wish I was a part of it.
Anshul:Look at the next table.The heard looks like a happy family.But the thing to notice is that even though Ashish(name changed) is from Computers Engineering, he is still in company of Mechanical Engineering guys.Why cant we Mechanical Engineering guys join 'VYRS: the Electronics Engineering guys'?
Sachin:Well, I will have to talk.
Anshul:They are sweet guys.They will accept us with open arms.
Sachin:They would have.But there are strings attached.You have to think of a decent name.How would D of Durjoy and A of Anshul fit in in VYRS?
Durjoy:Dont tell me it means so much to you guys.

All six are together.Namely:Durjoy,Varun, Anshul,Yogesh,Rashul,Sachin
Anshul:Well we guys plan to join the gang.
Yogesh:Are you suggesting we call ourselves VYRSDA?That aint cool enough brother.
Sachin:That is like a Tamil fellow addressing VYRS.
Anshul/Durjoy(I cant recall who suggested):I have two ideas.We can either take up DA VYRS or D VYRAS.In that case, we can call ourselves 'the virus'.
Sachin:Now that is definitely cool enough.
Everyone:Deal.This calls for celebration.
Anshul:So the name is D VYRAS

Epilogue:We dirtied many many benches in college engraving/writing  D VYRAS on them.The T shirt thing dint happen and thankfully so.It has been two and a half years since we six have been around.Excepting one major tiff, we are still together. College life would have been different without these guys.


durjoy datta said...

dats jst half d story fucker........!!!!

durjoy datta said...

y r v s????
i dint know dat!!!!

durjoy datta said...

i wud say a rift.......!!!!

durjoy datta said...

different in italics...........!!!!!
ya,u cud hv been in yahoo ryt now.........!!!!!

Neha said...

hey, good work with the acronyms seriously... don't know abt the gang but the name(s) are definitely cool!

so this is wat you've been doing all the time in college huh...way to go :)

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