Monday, September 3, 2007

I am Kewl

First things first..
If you are reading this you are a loser.
Not because you have done something which gives you the tag.
Just because you have not done something which I have.
In my sixteenth post,
251 days after I started blogging,
having spent precious hours in Paris,
& a few of the 'must-find-something-to-do' hours in Delhi, 
having typed in frustration and boredom, 
without having spent a single minute on decoration of this blog,
without having blog rolled any one,
without having been tagged,
without having left even a single word of false praise on any one's blog,
I proudly announce the achievement of 
having reached the milestone of ten VISIBLE readers of this blog.
Did any one just swear?
Accept the fact buddy...
some men are gifted!
My GTalk has been flooded with comments.
I sincerely thank Neha,Wacko,Seth,Narayanan,Pheonix,Isha,Durjoy,Lazy,
Saloni,Garima for their invaluable comments.
Go on reading my blog friends..
Discuss it..
Advertise it..
Print it on your notice board..
Change your name on Orkut to ...
Make me famous..
Make me rich..
And the day this happens,
I might say a Thank You.

1 comment:

Neha said...

so you're saying the pretty comments you posted on my blog were!!
P.S: if you don't start replying to comments the fan following may fade :) no offence!