Monday, September 3, 2007

What if?

What if the entropy of the world reached an absolute zero?
What if everybody had land equal to inhabitable land available divided by the population of the world?
What if every one of us had exactly the same house of exactly the same size?
What if we had to decide a profession at the age of 24 and tell the government and
work on it for the rest of our lives?
What if science and research reached saturation because of man's emotional saturation from technology?
What if every couple made love only on Thursdays and Wednesdays?
What if the only motivation for competence in the world was having some time free with family inside your house?
What if there was perfect communication between every human being?
What if every house got food and stuff by courier everyday in a fixed amount and variety?
What if every one was a perfect citizen with equal level of education?
What if every couple on the planet had two kids?
What if no man fell ill?
What if everybody HAD to die at the age of 53?
What if in his attempt of making a robot like a man, man became a robot?
Would that be better?


durjoy datta said...

its an interesting thot to thnk bout!
but the only thing thats constant is change.......
n if that change is towards being constant then thats subject to change too....
n v r all robots in al own right even now,doin different thngs,achieving different ends.......
wat distinguishes us is our minds.....
wat v do can be itinerated,but wat v think......?
dere s still time.......
lots of it........

:::LL::: said...

how did you come up with a creepy figure of 53?

Anonymous said...

Cogito Ergo Sum, as DD pointed out indirectly, is a cliche....

But I'd give u an insight on its origin. The phrase, given by Rene Des Cartes(the father of philosophy+cartesian geometry) said:

"In order to reach the truth, it is necessary, once in one's life, to put everything in doubt-so far as possible."

And Descartes went on to put his own existence in doubt. "Do I even exist?". Cogito ergo sum was the answer he came up with..

So yeah, u can change all external factors, and reduce the random ness to zero(I'd love to see u try tho).. Try doing that inside of our heads, I'd love to see u try that too!!!!

By the way this doesnt increase ur user count to 11.. I am seth, and dont feel like loggin in right now....

Anonymous said...

And I have like 4 classes on wednesdays, and a quantum mechanics homework due thursdays, so means I wont get booty????

But wait, the profs will be procreating on those days too.. This means I WILL!!!

But since we have less girls in the world than boys, ummm............

isha said...

that wunt be better...coz that wunt be LIFE... and what is d pleassure of living when everything is predictable and perfect...there would be no charm in making love if it was to happen not when u want but when the calender shows wednesday or thursday...when u know u will get food why will u work towards would ppl get to know what a good cook I am...:) (d comment was getting too boring so...) btw REALLY nic blog...n things that a lot of us woder at times:)

Sachin said...

@ DD
you rightly sighted one law of nature..that change is constant..
but how can you forget the one that says..
hundred percent efficiency is an ideal concept..
I think my stand is justified in the sense that I am refering to a situation tending to zero entropy and not the real zero entropy..which obviously will not sustain..

its a euphenism for 'a certain age'..
would have spoiled the flow if I had written a certain age in the text..
and my last three posts are completely dedicated to you..
I wrote them the day I received your mail..

@seth darling

I thought it was veni when I read your comment and got excited
but you arent less dear to me any ways.. :D
bloody,with due respect, Ren Des Cartes stole my thoughts..
Wiki left bells ringing in my head when I read about him..
but how can I possibly be interested in philosophy?
aint that for intellectuals?
and a dogs tail can be straightened but can seth be kept away from booty?
no chance..
not firangi ones any way..

Well we need to hand shake..
cos both of us our good cooks in that case!
at least in our own books..
Its nice to get my first REAL compliment from you..
But the thing I need to clarify is that I am not presenting the situation as the homo sapien having crafted himself..
Its my version of a sci-fi..
This is how I believe the present developements seem to be taking the world which will inevitably reate the world of my thougths!
Hope I made myself clear!

durjoy datta said...

got it wrong!!!!
hundred percent efficiency isnt an ideal concept.........!!!!
it is THE ONLY concept..........!!!
energy cannot be created or destroyed........
heard of that?
thats a laymans' version of energy conversion is always 100 percent......!!!!

UnApologetic Confessions said...

I won't further the discussion coz owing to the fact that I am inefficient... (lol)
Hey Sachin that's a cool verse. Liked the rhetoric and the form. Sometime back there was a song by Savage Garden- Affirmation... Your verse reminds me of the same... Good job mate..
Oh yes I have adhered to your preamble in the top left corner of the blog... ;)

sachin said...

@ dd
well no point arguing a mechie over efficiency issues..
but this still doesnt negate my view point..
that am refering to a situation approaching zero entropy..
please do enlighten me if this still not satisfying..

@ unapologetic confession
As I say and DD contradicts..all of us our dont worry..
also, people dont realize how encouragement hungry I am...thats why I added that preamble ..
am sure that that was not the reason behind your comment right?
You made me crave to listen to affirmation..but can do that till 9 o'clock in the night cos thats when my downloading gets free ;-)

isha said...

thx fr ur wierd u know wat a lot of times people who reach hieghts have that something in them to reach somewhere and that something is what is misssing in a lot of us...a lot of times we jus take things fr granted which we shunt...the biggest ex is my younger sis who cunt get into IIT OR DC (she had the caliber bt that SOMETHING was missing, actually still is missing....N YES U DID MAKE URSELF CLEAR ;)

Neha said...

hey of all the posts u've written this one got u the max junta :) you're bcuming a hit!
n as for ur question in the blog:
"it wouldn't be better that way but it couldn't get any worse than it already is"

and ya if u wanna do more philosophisings like descartes et al, i got an A+ in my philo elective and it is my back-up profession for the future ;)

lone star said...

the blog is --almost BRILLIANT ...

wacko said...

lol then i guess earth wouldnt be earth would be heaven to me with no sorrows or miseries..:)

Kalyan said...

Thats some really nice thoughts...I really have to think hard now...nice post!

sachin said...

@ neha
Well I ll react the way I always react to things like these..
temme some authors/books in the field..
I am starting work on my book and desperately need to read in the area..

@lone star..
compliments come in all shapes and sizes..
yours seems like an honest appreciation..
thank you so much..
flattered to say the least..

sachin said...

'lol' was not the kind of mood i was aiming at..
thanks for dropping by though..
my aim was to make the reader question how the world would be that way..
nice to know your reaction..

think hard and temme what impression you got..
I ll be waiting to hear that..