Monday, August 13, 2007

Paris air Moscow air Delhi

This is probably the highest blog ever.Not because it discusses Mahatma Gandhi's sacrifice of milk and pulses but because it is being written in an air flight(which i am copying from my notebook to my blog).
Here it goes:
*Its a gorgeous sight when a flight dives and rises above a thick cloud cover.Its like a transition from a thick white bed sheet of highly wrinkled bed sheet or the froth on a vanilla shake to a kid's game of small huts and cars.
*I hate red hair and Russians arent being sweet to me.Possibly because whoever I meet does not English.And the two dislikes have got combined to make me believe that all red heads are Russians.
*Hindi to my ears is a bit strange.Some Indians in the flight are speaking Hindi and my reaction was : ignored,ignored,ignored,surprised,listening,disgusted,ignored,ignored,ignored.The disgust part was because of the content of their conversation which was 'kissing in public in India'.
*But then they talked about the custom formailties, after listening to which I have finally become eligible for a job as a travel agent as I know everything there is to know in the profession now.
*People tell me how they said good bye to some city. How elated they were on being home or sad on leaving a more developed city. I, on the contrary, was emotionless. Does it mean I have become one of those unruffled beings neither amazed nor bedazzled by any thing?
*I hate my air hostesses and I will take the extreme step of affecting the annual turn over of the flight by criticising them in my blog. The flight's name is Aeroflot and the service is POOR. I know the company might close down because of this post but it serves them right.
*Spoiler warning for this point:story of 'the inscrutable americans' referred.
-Gopal in 'The Inscrutable Americans' was looking for sex through out his stay in the US. I was looking for lasagna. He got it in his flight back to India.I got it in my ten hour transit in the Moscow airport.A book like finish for my trip.
*People are already not responding to my smiles in a very non French way.Its funny actually to think that smiling pointlessly to a chick would actually be considered indecent flirting now.Indians seem cold.They dont pretend to like me.Fake-ness is so much better.
*Seth had said India me air rakhte hi sab maa behen ki fir se chaloo ho jayegi.I hope it takes a few days. God help.
*I had come with three things in my hand bag.A pen,a note book and a copy of Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. And I am as far from knowing whether Potter will live as I was at the beginning of the flight.
*Like at many points of my trip I am once again wondering if I would cry. Havent had the need till now if you ignore the onions I have cut.I believe the answer will still be NO.
*My last words on foreign soil.Bye Russia.Bye France.India, the land of pani puri, here I come. And then I will have a hair cut and I will wear my watch I bought from Champs Ellysees.
*I asked Mr Alexander Kontratirv and Mrs Olga Kontratirv, my neighbours in the flight, to do a Delhi v/s Islamabad.
Well,Islamabed won.He thinks its a modern city developed keeping in mind a 'high tech capital city'.
*I have formed a firm opinion of people from different counties from my intercourse with them.But it was strictly based on the people I met and has no meaning in the broader picture:
French: fake and materialistic.
Russian: scared,terrified and petrified of English
Arabs: female:gorgeous.By far the most beautiful for Indian taste.
male:road side romeos to look at.closest to the kind of boys I would loveto hang out with
Spanish: I met three people from Spain in three different cities(Delhi,Moscow,Kanyakumari).And all three were going to/in India for social work.I can never get over the thought that Spanish are the best at heart because of my interaction with them.
Malaysian:I met a Malaysian at the Moscow airport who showed me some card tricks and drunk mannerisms. Neither of which impressed me though.
My dad and mom received me drenched in tears and home coming was one of the top three moments of my life.
Love you mom and dad.


isha said...

btw gopal wanted to know a lot more about red headed gals thankfully u dislike them....n isnt lot of it a repetion of an earlier post?

isha said...

k a lil....:)sorry

wacko said...

dude..not again but the paraphrasing of this post just doesnt lure me towards reading it...please try leaving some space after every point..i get fucking lost after every point i read...

isha said...

yup...wierd it was ...nywayssss

Sachin the Seth :)) said...

*I have formed a firm opinion of people from different counties from my intercourse with them.*

U wish, sucker... Surprising how everyone overlooked that..

Worse still, is it possible that they BELIEVED you?????

Caresse said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

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