Monday, August 13, 2007

job v/s chick

Well although i havent had the chance to hit on a gal for a long long time now, I have been a keen observer of the art. At least in theory, I might be as good as any one.
Thoughts can take strange turns at times and today as I was being kicked out by another company, the thought struck me that how similar are the arts of getting a job and chick-ery.
For a job, the procedure always start with an eligibility criteria and a written exam cut off. The company wants the people above a certain level. Even if you have it in you to take the company to the fortune 500, it doesnt count if you dont satisfy that. Then there are arbitrary rounds like GD , Situation Reaction Test and stuff.And then theres the interview.
The eligibility comparison is pretty direct in case of girls. If you arent above a certain level in terms of looks and smartness, then nothing counts. Your chapter is closed and you are wasting your time. Then if you do clear this stage, then you have to have a decent performance in the friendship phase which is comparable to the GDs and stuff.And then the interview is like THE PROPOSAL.Its a make or break situation characterised by nervousness and loss of discretion between the right and the wrong.
although you think you know everything there is to know about both, strange results are invariably thrown up.
people who you always rated inferior turn out to be doing a lot better.
you never have a chance of a feedback in either, although I did manage a feedback from the Wipro panel which rejected me but I am sure his response would have been the same, had I not appeared for the interview at all and asked him why I was rejected.He dint remember a thing and gave an answer he had memorized as a kid.

P.S. Save the sorry messages for me still being unplaced.I am making a list of companies who are rejecting me which I will put on the first page of my autobiography and write:
"all these companies could have been in the Fortune 500 in place of my present company XYZ if only they had the common sense to look beyond my undergraduate percentage"


isha said...

well i surely wont write ny msges full of pity but......all the best for the next...watever gal or company.... ;)

wacko said...

dude..get out of the fucked up "rejection" phase of your fucked up placement life..

y u so eager in getting placed and then moaning on every company kicking your ass..there are lot many things to worry about...see the undergraduate percentage is something every fucking company would want and i guess that is one of the major criterias of your ass being kicked everywhere..what has happened can never change...

get your life moving duhh...

believe can do a lot better than sitting for some stupid companied which are hoarding people like anything...

correct me if you find me rude anywhere..

sachin said...

its not not getting a job which hurts me..
its the rejection which does...
but i have made peace with it now..
some people temme that i am being rejected because i am too good for those companies who know i am not going to join with a proflie like mine..
so they dont take me..
in a day or two i would have completely accepted this as a fact..
no more depressed posts there after..!

Anonymous said...

U can rig the polls…can’t u?

- Me again. Guess!