Tuesday, August 28, 2007

a day in the sun..

Being thirteen posts old I have blogged in various moods, ranging from joy, sadness, lust, disgust, nostalgia, depression, helplessness, hope, stupid etc etc etc. I write this one feeling kinda embarassed.
Not everyone can claim to have a 15 year friendship at the age of 21. Ours has been one such case. On one fine lazy aimless Sunday afternoon on being asked for a favor which sounded more like a treat, there was no question of turning him down. His work has kept him busy of late and the idea of spending a day with him added
 joy to spirits which were high any ways.
He wanted to practise photography with me and I was suppose to be the subject(I am desperate to avoid the word model as I am nowhere close to it). So loaded with a camera and 2 t-shirts we headed for a lonely place I had always fancied as picturesque. You gotta meet me to realize how good a job that chap did. I am putting some of best pics HERE, considering the fact that I have not succedeed in making even 10 people read my blog in 3 months, I am damn sure its impossible for me to get an audience for a flickr account.


location          :some remote place in the suburbs of Delhi
concept          :me
comments     :I had always fancied the place as a gorgeous back drop. It dint let me down.


location           :some wreckage close to Rithala metro station, Rohini.
concept           :Sumit
comments      :This pic clearly explains the difference between a  veteran and a hobbyist.When he first said he wanted to use bricks, I wasnt convinced. Now I am.


location          :some place connecting Rohini with CP, in Karol Bagh.
concept          :me
comments     :Sumit is absolutely obsessed with pigeons. On our way to CP, he literally jumped when he saw this heard of pigeons.


photographer :sumit
location           :cp,obviously
concept           :sumit
comments      :I believe Sumit had conceptualised this pic a lot earlier than it actually happened and was probably the reason that he took me 25 kilometres to CP. To get this pic. He tells me, its his personal favorite.


location          :some wreckage close to Rithala Metro Station, Rohini.
concept          :Sumit
comments     :I just love the accuracy of the expression I got in this pic. It seems just perfect. You can imagine the degree of love I have for this pic from the fact that its the display pic of my ORKUT account!


location          : some wreckage close to Rithala Metro Station.
concept          :me
comments     : this pic is not here for pure aesthetic reasons. The major reason is that this is one pic for which I can claim to have contributed majorly.In fact, I will go to the extent of saying that except the click, this is a pic taken by me    :-)


isha said...

in the 5th pic u seem to be thinking....THINKING ;P ...

sachin said...

This is was one post on which I was expecting a compliment form you..primarily because it does not have anything to do with my writing skills..

Have you ever had that feeling that this song/pic/movie defines me?
The fifth pic makes me feel just like that..thats what I am...lost..confused..thinking..!!

Arpz said...

:) u look good - mostly though I loved the skill of the photogrpaher .. *sigh*, now if only I could take as good snaps

Johnny Cigar said...

if it helps my case,
i look better in real life than in these pics!

Anonymous said...

Lol…why aren’t you mugging for the camera?

- Me