Thursday, July 12, 2007

living with robo..

Every word of what follows is true.

s come in all shapes and sizes.My friend(what?!?!) Robo,a hunk from Chennai, had his in the shape of absense of the power to analyze.Did you notice the pun intended in describing an abstract noun of the power to analyze as having shape?This last line was a typical Robo joke,in case you dint realize.If this was the tip of a chicanery ice berg of his power to create humor then the ice berg had the smallest tip with the biggest bottom in the world.Shankar Mahadevan once sang a song called Breathless.He is better than him in saying everything he has in his huge(compared to an electron) brain with equal stress on the first,second third ,third last,second last and last word.His typical slang can make a killer out of the quitest monk.I am not too far from it.He is so versatile that he can say 'Oh I see' in two different ways,one is within his head and the other is audible.My heart skips a beat at the way he says 'aaahhhnhhh' and takes two of annoyance instead.If only I had a recording of his perpetually mistimed laughter, you would have realized how justified my annoyance is.The reason I say he is BLESSED with a small brain is that I always realize doing a job is easier than explaining to him how to do it.If you try to explain then his responses would make you prefer suicide rather than an encore.What do you do?You do the job you had planned to ask him to do.And the idiot escapes with doing no work at all.His only possible forte can be his variety of phobias which can him a perfect subject for breakthrough psychology research which might eventually not be of any use because of the limited nature of his species.By limited I mean limited to one.His phobias are diverse and widespread ranging from sleeping with the lights ON and not turning OFF the pressure cooker because it might burst.And the worst part is the best thing I can find to vent out my anger in this frustrating non english speaking country is this even more idiotic blog which no one reads.If you are wondering that the situation is too bad to be true then trust me.As dear(!) Robo would say:It MIGHT ONLY be true.


Neha said...

hey...extremely witty blog you got there...thanks for one of the very few personalised comments on the delhi bloggers forced me to go through yours:)
i must we share a similar writing style...thouroughly enjoyed reading yours
n ya gud luck with the paris chicks!
in case you are wondering who i am...

isha said...

n hey the knc dramsoc performance too is worth a watch....but u wud see us sans makeup and in kurtas whereas the choreo team is always decked up:)