Monday, July 16, 2007

the need of need...

Well,this might be my first serious post(which forced me to add comments in brackets,to Sachinize it up).There are many more to come(I hope they are).A wise man bends seeing the direction of the wind(Movie dialogue.Not mine).But my strong anti feelings to a notion I (possibly,the country for that matter) have held since birth force me change my writing style.
How often do we hear people go abroad on the look out of a better "life style"(Quotation marks always remind me of F.R.I.E.D.S episode in which Joey says he doesnt know the meaning of air quotes(Hilarious it was(Couldnt think of a better comment(too many brackets(reminds me of C)))).I wonder why.I believe I am safe enough to draw inferences from my observations in Paris.Any ways everything here is described by nothing short of superlatives.I might use the phrase developed world in the post though.
La Defense,a stretch of land Europe's highest GDP density and a marvel of modern architecture and blah and blah.Doesnt impress me any more than the buildings in Gurgaon.Just because they spread over one tenth the distant they are in Gurgaon,they look a lot more spectacular as all of them are simultaneously visible.But is it Gurgaon's fault that its big?In fact,aint it suppose to be better for people working there for conveniences like parking,traffic management and somethings I cant think of?The modern architecture overwhelms you at La Defense.But trust me,Gurgaon is not far behind.Worth mention are the Convergys,DLF and Nestle buildings in Gurgaon.On my first visit to La Defense I was half expecting to discover that some of them might be inspired.But found that Gurgaon is as original as (Anu Malik :-D) me!
Paris is almost completely devoid of skyscrapers outside La Defense.I guess it might be because of governments effort to preserve the skyline and other cities might be different.I would not comment on that.
Personally,I found Eiffel around half as gorgeous as Taj Mahal.But I cant comment on that as well as that would lead to loss in generality as Eiffel is specific to Paris.
What the hell?(read WTF?)What do I comment on?yeah found something.
I realized that this place has everything mechanized.I have to enter a code to enter my flat & university,the Parkings are unmanned and washing machines are automatic.I believe this is the most fascinating thing to any newly arrived Delhite.I was no exception.But then what the hell?Does it need an Amratya Sen(too lazy to spell check his name) to tell you that its a basic market guiding force that the retailer goes for the cheapest available option which is a mechanized machine in this population starved land.Trust me,it will not take more than a year for most things to get mechanized if the population in Delhi was to be halved.Being an Electronic Engineer myself,I realize that most machines are not complex at all and would definitely be with in most Delhite's reach.(Although I confess being an Electronic Engineer I should have known a lot more)
But one thing which really does whip you off your feet is the quality of janata(am using my lingo again,i mean 'people').The people here impress you as ultra sweet,fake bastards.But fake-ness is secondary and the bottom line is that they are very sweet if you have not read as many books on psychology as I have.If Ignorance is bliss then I am cursed(self praise->my favorite pass time)(Also,I once again had the feeling that did I just write a great line.Comment!!!)Their education is evident.Not that I find them intellectual geniuses compared to the indigenous geniuses or more stylish compared to my friends in Delhi,it is just that absolutely all of them are as educated and sophisticated as my circle in Delhi.But living in Delhi,you have to interact with strange people like an illiterate book keeper.But is that really tough?Cant you just go through the shelves and find the book you want on your own?(Am I getting despo to prove my point?May be).But I find it convenient enough to live with them.Definitely yes if it comes at the cost of living with my favorite people on the planet.It would have been a lot easier had I been a little richer.But who cares(?).I must confess I am overcome by a small desire to spend summers here to escape the summer heat but the feeling easily passes away at the sight of food(described as some warm mess created by me) on every meal.
But then there is a flip side.I wish to clear here that all my arguments are directed ONLY to people who go abroad on the look out of 'better lifestyle'.I am completely supportive of people who travel for better job opportunities,working field,job facilities,relatives,religious reasons, education and anything you can think of except lifestyle.I believe that desire is directed by being able to gain the right to flaunt having been abroad and racist in some cases.Yes,racist.
The need is T.N.R.(totally not required(source:IIT Chennai lingo))

Do think on the following lines by Rakesh Mehra(I guess) and enacted by Amir Khan in the movie Rang De Basanti:
Yaha DJ ka naam hai,DJ ki kuchh aukaat hai.Baahri duniya me koun poochhega? I am having an eerie feeling that did I just write a confused blog?
I read somewhere once "great effort goes into something which takes little effort to read"?!?!?


isha said...

hey sachin,
i never generalised the whole community and i respect all of them and most my frnds are baniyas...its just that the incident with THIS PARTICULAR GIRL was a shock to me and thats the reason i expressed it....and infact i was very open in expressing myself to her as well....

isha said...

i cud hav lived widout writtin it i chose to writ it.....anyways i guess u jus force ur thouts on it wnt happen...

Neha said...

i must say...i have too many comments floating in my head n cant jot them all down...pity!
That ditto marks joke in friends...killer!
"i am sorry ross"...not using it right joey!
n ya i think from what i've seen of french ppl in movies...they ARE fake sophisticated no qualms there:)
and that eerie feeling ofbieng confused after writing someth...join the club!

isha said...

hey....dnt hate me for this but i completely agree with you when u call urself modest.....(oops i meant so not modest):P r u there coz of......

sachin said...

dint get you..
any ways..
i can still tell you my reply had i got what u said..
"no comments"