Thursday, July 5, 2007

an evening in paris

Many things have got redefined after I arrived in Paris.One such thing is an eye lock.An eye contact of any countable number of seconds in Delhi would leave me with an impression of feeling handsome and a self indulgent grin .I have thoroughly enjoyed whatever attention I have got after arrival in Paris from PYTs.What was lecherous for Delhi chicks is received with an amicable smile by paris chicks,worst of whom is comparable to the best in my reach in Delhi. One cant resist an occasional adrenaline pump that it produces at times.
This blog refers to one such evening which stands out for the unusual sequence of events which might be unprecedented in Delhi.
The eye lock began with me turning sharply to look for some shop I had set out to look for and deliberately started to look for it in the place it was least expected to waste as much time as I could,a practice I often adopt on days I have more time than I can use(waste).Her face was a captivating one and I was bound to be captivated.I like to believe that may be in some part of the world I fit in the definition of the word handsome.She made me feel so.Some how,I caught her eye.
The eye lock began.
Then it traveled.
It reached 4 inches below and we smiled.
My seniors had told me that these chicks are always on the look out for boy friends.I had no option left..I approached her and started with Bon Jour(good day).She smiled.I said in broken French if she was game for a coffee.And she replied in broken French that she does not like coffee in restaurants.My French broken in grammar.Hers broken in parts for me to understand.I fumbled with my dictionary to some how offer her coffee in my room.She said the holy words"OUI"(yes).I was told that a girl coming to your room means game on.
I guess you must have guessed what is to follow.
Every word of this is imaginary.


isha said...


i love ur imagination n u sure got me involved n m sure u r lookin forward to this imagination turning into reality ;)

isha said...

btw dnt underestimate indian beauty...(more like delhi case of gals...)

Ankit Gupta said...

just two words for your blog

"haa haa"

Nice imagination
Excitements can reach to different hihgs thanks to these imaginations


sachin said...

What a cup!

- Narayanan(from ur own account)

Veni said...

I really do not appreciate this.

Veni said...

I really do not appreciate this

Anonymous said...

Imagination can run wild. Donno how far u managed to get.Lol.

On 2nd thoughts,poor gal..