Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sachinopedia: The End

Note: Either read till end or dont read.

A moment of restfulness. 
As I sit down to write this, I can not think of anything which has to be done within next three hours. 
It is done now.  
I owe Sachinopedia an announcement post.
But more than that, I need to do without which every author is incomplete.
I need to write the 'How' part of writing a book.
More for myself, to be picked up when I struggle with my second book (which is shaping nice already btw), than for all the cute chicks which read this piece of electronic parchment.
Around sixteen months after it had begun, it is now in print and I wonder if I am gonna miss the tension it gave me.
The mind share that it occupied, which even today handicaps me from concentrating in a lecture, is something I might miss.
No further ado, here goes.

1. Read a lot.
2. Dont take your readers for granted.
3. Brush up your grammar before you start.
4. Lead an interesting life.
5. Have a companion along.

These are five points of wisdom from me.
No, it does not end here.
DIssection ought to be done, no matter how obvious the points may seem.

1# Read a lot? I had hardly read 8-9 novels in my life when I started writing. Even Seth had said you should have read more before starting. but even Seth can be contradicted some times.

2# Readers for granted? Well, you need to be spontaneous. If you start thinking how will the reader react to this, your writing speed will die. In fact, even today, the most praised lines are the ones which were fillers to be replaced by the real lines later. But then I realized that the fillers could not be bettered.

3#Grammar? Well, when I started, I might have spelled grammar as grammer. But the grammar corrections I now receive for my blog has come down to single digits. 
Knowing the bare minimum can be enough.

4# Interesting life? This is something I still struggle with. And now MBA has ensured that I stop fighting for it. If you please please please please allow me just one sentence of gyaan. If you let this be that rare ocassion that I write some one else's line, please lemme quote Prof Kaun Banega Crorepati:
"Experience aint what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you."

5# Writing is a solitary activity. Having a companion can only slow you down. You have enough brains alone to handle it and it is damn tough to differentiate good feedback from the bad. In the second half, Kshitij and Durjoy joined me, but then, the basic structure ought to be done alone. Being single all the time might have been a blessing in disguise.

If I am to think of what went it right and why my ramblings could see a printing press while many dont, is that moment on 17th September 2007 when the great event happened.
The time gap between the thought crossing my mind that I should write a novel and the first line fo the novel was 30 seconds because I was 30 seconds away from my computer. 
No analysis. 
It just started.

This was it from my side.
An arcane setiment connects me to Sachinopedia, which started as time killer, and then became a hobby and touched addiction in parts.
I end Sachinopedia here, exactly two years from its date of birth.
It was great writing on this page.
It will be followed by something bigger, the announcement of which would be made on 29th January, 2009.
Be there!


creyzeee said...

oooh...i lurrrrve pointing out grammar goof-ups (hihi)
so its not "chicks which read this piece" but chicks WHO read this piece ;)

PiNkI said...

thanks s ton man!u really gave me wat i wanted....."d best tips 4 enhancing ur writing skills!"bravo!bravo!bravo ......still eagerly waiting 4 ur buk 2 b out in stores...hope it reaches guj. on time! ;)

Kshitij said...

29th June, 2008??
So we time-travel with you?

Anonymous said...

One of the most boring writeup's i have ever encountered.
Rather doing copy n paste , one needs to come up with some original ideas.

workhard said...

Thats a good checklist.. But it takes a lot to write a novel....

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Dev said...

Its awesome... really its very nice...

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