Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Autobioraphy

Just finished writing my autobiography of 14000 words as a college assignment.
Its a sin to write your autobiography when you dont want to.
I didnt want to because I knew I am not ready yet.
The events are not big enough and the satisfaction is not thereto narrate a story which is still incomplete.
But the best part was reliving the times at Hari Nagar, Green Valey Public School, Rohini home-1. Rohini home -2, MIPS, NKBPS, DCE, NPL, ENSEA, MDI.
Its a therapy in itself.
So much has happened in life.
Do you have the following symptoms:
  • You are suffering from low self esteem and think you have done nothing in life.
  • You have lots of vella time, even more than me.
  • You have a laptop/ good desktop.
If you suffice all three options then start writing your autobiography. Some of the best novels are started with an account of some real life events.


saloni said...

send it to me.i want to read!

ABHi said...

me too! me too!

pinki said...

i had d similar symtoms.......seriosuly! :)

ki said...

Yes maybe I SHOULD write my autobiography then :P

crazy communicator said...

hmmm..symptoms..i dont though have dem..stil wan2 write for myself..know myself betta from my biography... urs seems wrth reading..

workhard said...

When you write your autobiography.. u get to learn yourself. i suppose.. i never done that. but i do tend to evalulte myself once in a while.. so i keep learning about myself..

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