Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Singh(SS), Banta Singh(BS) and Basanta Singh(B2S) were once having their exams.
At 1AM, all three were sleepy and too lazy to study.
SS: Bhai basanta, I am fed up of these notes. Just temme which is the toughest question in this bundle and I would randomly open a page. If that toughest question is not there on that page, I would go to sleep.
SS goes to sleep.
BS: Bhai Basanta, I am fed up of these notes. If SS starts snoring in next 30 seconds I will go to sleep.
SS does not start snoring for 2 minutes.
BS: Well, I salute SS for saluting in his mind. Thanks to him, I can now go to sleep.
BS also goes to sleep.
B2S: Well, both of them have gone to sleep. And I have studied for at least 30 seconds more than both of them. In relative grading, I will score more than both! Then why should I study?
Goodnight folks!
And pray I do better than both of them at Cost Accounting tomorrow.


Swayam said...

such is relativity they say :P

WAR10CK said...

well i beg to differ... thanx to hisenberg, nothin is certain... b2s shound not be so sure.

Ritesh Khanna said...

nice one really need 2 study at a B-school at all..?