Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lucknow to Delhi

(240 km from New Delhi)
NR: Dude I am so sleepy that I am panicking!!
VKR: No dude you cant be sleepy. May be you are not panicking enough. Panic a little more and the sleep will fly away.
NR: No panic and sleep are independent in my case. I am feeling sleepy and the more I panic, the more sleepy I get.
VKR: Dude you are driving and we are still 240 km from Delhi. We have to be back in Delhi in 5 hours or we are dead.
NR: It is not in my hand!! Do something VKR!!
VKR: Well.. lets have a coffee at the next dhaba.
(230 km from Delhi) (had coffee)
NR: Dude it is still not working. I am sleepy again. The coffee was good for 10 km only. I am sleepy again. I cant drive. We wont make it. Why didnt you learn to drive you idiot.
VKS: Nahi yar. We cant afford that. You have to stay up. Lemme think of a way. ok. Lets talk about something. If we can talk about something interesting, we can sail through.
NR: Ok. Lets talk about foreign exotic lands.
(220 km from Delhi)
VKR: Ok.
(It works for another 10km)
NR: No even this is not working. I am not interested in the Spanish missionaries you met in kanyakumaaris. Do something more interesting. Keep me up or we will meet with an accident!!
VKS: Ok. Which topic is of most interest to you?
NR + VKS (in chorus): Sex.
VKS: Ok. We are 220 km from home. I will tell you 11 sex stories and each one of them will last 20km. This way you would be easily able to stay up, I am sure. Chal, lets do it.

(And they reached home safely, before time.)


Ritesh Khanna said...

It would have been even better if u had mentioned a story or 2 here..nevertheless,I love readin ur postz...wish u could update it on more regular basis...

Sachin Garg said...

Thanks Ritesh!
Trust me, the stories are a little too obscene for this place.
Thanks for becoming the first official follower of Sachinopedia.

Kshitij said...

...much better idea than Sheherzade's stories to stay alive!