Thursday, July 10, 2008

Short story

There was a cheetah, a giraffe and porcupine who were best of friends.
The jungle was going through an economic slump.
So the cheetah decided he would go to the city for career opportunities.
The giraffe's mom had a habit of comparing the giraffe to the cheetah all the time and the giraffe knew if the cheetah reaches the city, he is dead.
He tried to stop the cheetah but he couldnt.
The cheetah was now in the city.
The giraffe and the porcupine were left in the jungle.
They had to do something to make it big.
So the joined the jungle school of Management.
They pledged that they would make it big in this B school.
But giraffe just could not understand management.
He was too dumb for it man.
Or may be he was too pragmatic.
He found management weird.
He could not understand why there is so much fuss about non existent issues.
'Conceptualize, strategize, organize, Prioritize'; Just in time theory and whatever...
But he had to make it big as the cheetah had already done it.
Thus he came up with a research paper on 'there and then' theory.
He explained why all decision should be made at the fastest possible with minimum of fuss and junked mathematics.
his paper was revered.
He was a celebrity.
Now the porcupine thought, cheetah is in the city, giraffe is a celeb, what do I do?
He decided he would top jungle school of management and get the top placement.
he topped every exam in JSM.
But still the giraffe bagged the top placement for his research paper.
The porcupine fell apart.
He was the only loser in the trio now.
What did he do?
He got into drinking.
He drank drank drank till his neck.

*To be continued on the day this post reaches 30 comments*
jaldi karo yar. feel like writing.


Sachin the Seth :)) said...

......drank drank and drank till the alcohol was sloshing at the back of his teeth... Fell in love with a hooker... Married her, got Herpes from her.. Since his mom wasnt the complaining kind, she was ok..

Porky went on to live a mediocre existence, offering his services at the Chinese Accupressurist's..

I know all that.. And I know I'm the cheetah :)

So what are you? The porcupine? Or the STD infected hooker??

Meghna said...

Lovely......LOL! U have a strange mind and unique thoughts.....loved it....jst cant stop laughing and waiting fr the cont.

Sachin Garg said...

@ seth,
I am none of the mentioned ones.
This post is pure fiction.
Any resemblance to anybody living or dead is purely coincidental.
As for the ending,
urs is much better than mine.

Sachin Garg said...

I hope I have not set the expectations too high.

creyzeee said...

c'mon!! of cors der's more dan just "coincidential resemblance" :P

Sachin Garg said...

for crazy:
every work of fiction has certain level of resemblance to reality because the author must have been forced to think in that way by some experience in his life. Only then he would have written it.
Apart from that, this is PURE fiction.
trust me.

gunj said...

bring down d count pliss
i wanna read d rest of it!

WAR10CK said...

10:00 am: being bored… nothin else to scavenging on blogs to pass time…
10:15 am: aanchals blog list … a random click on some blog… sachinopedia… DCE… (sounds frm my college… dekhte hai kya hai???)
12:30 pm: 2 hours 15 minutes non stop reading, sachinopedia ends and am hungry for more...


What uve written in course of one year, is really amazing!!!…
Your trip to paris to failure in wipro campus to v day post…an √©lan of being so simple yet so captivating.... Amazing!

are you Chetan Bhagat???

hats off.

Sachin Garg said...

This should motivate you to encourage your friends to comment on my blog.
I promise you it will be worth the effort.

Sachin Garg said...

THis is the kind of comment every blogger longs for.
Just one point.
Most bloggers dont take chetan Bhagat as a compliment.
thank you so much for the compliments.

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...


aesthetic consultancy for bloggers???

well i am no web designer, i just have basic knowledge of html
thats how i did my backgrd

anits said...

hi sachin..very good post!

best wishes

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ummm... I dont know where you are going with this... looking forward to the next part... :-)

gunj said...

main 20 poore kar du??:P

Sachin Garg said...

@aditi jiggs,
look at my blog.
and it is not so plain because of lack of consideration.
It is so plain because of lack of talent!

Sachin Garg said...


Sachin Garg said...

you would be disappointed.

Sachin Garg said...

If you do that I will become a fan!

garima said...


garima said...

n the story continues.....
(schnell schnell ;))

Sachin Garg said...

duffer it is 30 comments not 20!

gunj said...


Priya said...


Vandita said...

lol... waiting for the next part

nikheel said...

Very Interesting!
Chalo now its reached 25th, will help you to get more man power:)
By the way, I am glad that you liked Khargosh! Keep blogging!

Kanika Bahl said...

yeah so here i am..:)

Mez said...


Mez said...


Mez said...


Mez said...

Just to let you know i haven't read this post but i want u to update ur blog wid not another story.

Kindly do the honours now atleast.

Sachin Garg said...

alls fair on your own blog.

Sachin Garg said...


Sachin Garg said...



Sachin Garg said...

thanks man,
would definitely visit your blog more often.

Sachin Garg said...


Sachin Garg said...

i hope I can find a lonely room in this hostel where I can peacefully update my pyara blog.

gunj said...

ab to 36 hogaye!!

Scribblers Inc said...

gooooooood!!aaage likho naaaa!!:D

Scribblers Inc.

dintoons said...


is this, like, a stream of consciousness thing...?

infinitely weird possibilities for the ending, boggles the mind, do let us know..!!

n keep those creative juices churning, dude!

tvo LAD said...

I would have left a comment on the 2nd part of the story but I didnt want to raise the 'comment count', and the purpose of this comment was solely to inform you that I intentionally didnt raise the comment count on that one.

PS:Phew lots of 'comment' usage there.

Anonymous said...

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