Sunday, March 23, 2008

Whacky Thing of The Day (23rd March)

Watched DD National for half an hour.
A serial titled 'Shohrat'.
Complete episode shot on Ekta Kapoor's weekly pocket money at the age of seven.
Script with Hindi that could beat Jodha Akbar's urdu.
Costumes such that the nukkad natak company employees had forgotten to change before the shoot.
Acting prowess of actors from ramlila.
But the pluses:
Story volume equivalent to one season of Star Plus serials covered in one episode.
No back ground score, such a relief.
Constant grin on my face for thirty minutes.


Vandita said...

hmmm ure right abt the story volume and the lack of background score being a relief.... all kekta shows just murder drama!

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

its making you smile??? this is stuff that nightmares are made of!!! [:O]

S.Ghosh said...

well u seem to have ur own world ....quite interesting though

Silence said...

This is a great Blog Sachin. It was fun reading it - remembered all the old college times! All the best.

Macadamia The Nut said...

In 2040,when mommas want their babies to eat up all their veggies, this is how the threat is going to sound like "Munna, you better eat up all your veggies, or else I will make you watch Ekta Kapoor's show"

Sick PJ but man, she is one creepy bird!

Anonymous said...

Nice blogs dude , but never knew that one has to develop a taste for scotch. May be older the better , so seems like it might take years after maturity to unestand you better .. he he he ;) since you are like a sctich ( self-proclaimed)..Just joking ...Didn't like that idea ( might have wrote something better ) though but apart from that nice blogs .... cheers..

DS said...

Nice blog man!!
ur mentos jindgi and V-day post are simply hilarious.
All the very best for your book too :)

gunj said...

dd national ppl will b happy to read dat!;)

Mez said...

Ekta kapur, DD and you..and u call this melange whacky !?!

Kshitij said...

correction: Star Plus serials have nary a season..they inflict orure all year round...

Ankit Gupta said...

some of the best soaps were on DD - flop show, B bakshi, karamchad, jaban sabhal ke, shriman shrimati, etc tec

am missing all those