Sunday, March 30, 2008

Backpacking Quotient.

Backpacking seems the only solution?
Heres a one minute guide to test how suitable you are for backpacking:
Rate your comfort level out of hundred for each of the following:

1. Eating a very greasy Bread Pakoda from a very unhygienic place?

2. Sitting on an unpadded seat, withstanding armpit smells?

3. Run 5 kilometers without stopping?

4. Use Indian toilet and Western toilet (with or without toilet paper) with equal panache?

5. (For girls only) Shoo away guys from all races, castes, sects and accents?

6. (For guys only) Not be shooed away from gals from any race, caste, sect or accent?

7. Have the ability to deal with autowallahs every time you get out of a station?

8. Love Sachinopedia?

Now add the percentage you have given to yourself and divide it by 800 to get your Backpacking quotient.

My score:100!

Had planned a series of posts with Wacky thing of the day but lost enthu too soon.
If you wondering what inspired this particular post,
just back from an Agra trip and met lotsa firangs who were inspiring in a strange, unprecedented way.


Sachin the Seth :)) said...

Well timed, I'm going backpacking in the North Georgia Mountains tomorrow.. Its a 9 mile hike, and rain is forecast tomorrow.

If I feel like, I may take some pics.

If I feel like, I may upload some..

If I feel like, I may invite you to view it..

In the face of such dwindling probabilities, stay tuned:D

sachin said...

Seth mere Bhai,
mujhe bhi le chal yar..
tere bags utha lunga..
le chal yar..
bohot din ho gaye US nahi gaya..

gunj said...

hw cme u divided ur score by 800 n got a 100??
just in case u were to divide it by 8 also, thn hw cme u answered d girls wala question as well??
bewkoof banaying??

Anonymous said...

haha gr8 one man.. speacil the gals n guys wale question...:-)/ so hw was ur agra trip???

S.Ghosh said...

gr8 stuff...recently i too went with the same...very unique indeed

DS said...

Good post mate!
though I'm very bored but not that frustrated, would score 60-70% on this rating :) just some more time and I'll be backpacking too!
This wacky thing was also going well, do try to continue it.

Bubbles of FireWhiskey said...

im not good with maths...

Vandita said...

hmmm very bad quotient....waise 7 se divide karna chahiye no one can answer both the guys and girls waala question :P

Meghna said...

Hi Sachin,
Lolz...had me in spliz...Nice post!

mez said...

Johnny uncle hume new post mangta

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