Thursday, July 19, 2007


Now that I have caught your attention by using the most catchy topic in the world,let me apprise you what this post is actually about.Often while reading I wonder if I was to write a book then how will it be.What kind of language will I take up.What really is my style of writing.Going through the notes of my various ultra futile attempts to write a book is of no help,as all of them lack content and presentation the way my mark sheet needs hard work.The answer to my question came in the form of the book ' The Inscrutable Americans'.Anurag Mathur has written this hilarious book in a language often seen in blogs rather than books,with content with humor which seems picked up from a maskara group of boys rather than a serious piece of literature.Dont read it for its literary value cos there aint any, any way.Read it for enjoying humor which is not obliged to the formalities of writing a book.A single sitting book which is closer to a comic,to be read as a stress buster without expecting any increase in intellect after reading it.Opinions may vary ,but then,so will blogs.


isha said...

dnt knw if il gt arnd reading anurag's book bt m surely waitin to read urs :P

Neha said...

And i thought i was the only one trying to get ideas for a book and didn't have any :)
you know we once made a poster for our rock concert using the same tactic to gain everyone's attention...i guess this is one idea that'll never fail!!

sachin said...

i finally have an idea and will soon share the concept on this blog..
no comments..

wacko said...

yeahh dude..i read this book long ago...really liked it...i prefer such wacked out books! was koool to read..

Anonymous said...


I am ready to take up readin as a new found hobby. Any helpers around?