Friday, April 6, 2007

Reading The Fountainhead

its not everyday that u sit down to read a book with 700pgs with a tinyfont
hence 700= 1500.
add to that 3 simultaneous projects
hence 1500=marathon task
add to that very limited mention of your favourite character in the book
marathon task+loss of interest=dropping the book
but then reading the review on orkut
dropping the book+ curiosity =picking the book again
but you discover that there are too many equally powerful characters as your favourite one
picking the book again + flaw in writing style = loss of respect for Ayn Rand
but then it feeds you with you with newer skills at your favourite verb-flirtation
loos of respect + finding usefulness = somehow hanging on
harry met sally was unreal in incidental meetings of the 2.this ones worse
somehow hanging on+ ekta kapoor type plot=abusing orkut
favourite character getting lovelier and lovelier, approaching potter
abusing orkut+ finding a new favourite character = loving the book
painstakingly obvious giving a rush which no other eventuality can
loving the book + loving the book = loving the book a lot
if you add all the L.H.S. to all the R.H.S. in the above equations
700 pages = loving the book a lot

mmoral of the story:boredom can make you do strange things.


the phoenix said...

a new style of writing altogether...
fun to read!!

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