Monday, October 27, 2008

The full short story

There was a cheetah, a girrafe and porcupine who were best of friends.
The porcupine was in love with the porcupiness.
The jungle was going through an economic slump. 
So the cheetah decided he would go to the city for career opportunities. 
The girrafe's mom had a habit of comparing the giraffe to the cheetah all the time and the giraffe knew if the cheetah reaches the city, he is dead.
He tried to stop the cheetah but he couldnt.
The cheetah was now in the city.
The giraffe and the porcupine were left in the jungle.
They had to do something to make it big.
So they joined the Jungle School of Management.
They pledged that they would make it big in this B school.
But giraffe just could not understand management.
He was too dumb for it man.
Or may be he was too pragmatic.
He found management weird.
He could not understand why there is so much fuss about non existent issues.
'Conceptualize, strategize, organize, Prioritize'; Just in time theory and whatever...
But he had to make it big as the cheetah had already done it.
Thus he came up with a research paper on 'there and then' theory.
He explained why all decision should be made at the fastest possible with minimum of fuss and junked mathematics.
His paper was revered.
He was a celebrity.
Now the porcupine thought, cheetah is in the city, giraffe is a celeb, what do I do?
He decided he would top jungle school of management and get the top placement.
Voila! What an idea! Why hadnt he thought of it before? Just top the god damn exam.
he topped every exam in JSM.
But still the giraffe bagged the top placement for his research paper.
The porcupine fell apart.
He was the only loser in the trio now.
The porcupiness left him in minutes.
What did he do?
He got into drinking.
He drank drank drank till his neck.
And then he thought,
alcohol is bad for my liver.
So he quit drinking and started introspecting.
He had lost all desire to consume anything created by animalkind.
He wanted to be the creator of everything.
And hence he started Project X.
He worked hard thinking of the porcupiness all the time.
The girrafe was still doing his heavy job of managing turnover at a BPO.
The cheetah had found a job in a circus.
The procupiness was there some where.
He did not know what is the point in project X.
He did not know if he was ever gonna finish it off.
He gave it up twice and decided to go to the Himalyas and meditate.
But near the foot of K2, he was stopped by a saint who told him he would get what he is looking for.
Porcupine asked him what are you doing here?
The saint said I am a pervert in a saint's disguise, looking for an easy victim to be victimized.
The porcpine thought this guy is crazy.
But then he thought that the odds of this guy succeeding are nil.
But still he is trying.
He is trying to make something work, for what he really really wants in life.
If I love project X, I must put my life in it.
And not worry whether I ll make it or not.
So he turned back.
And he fininshed project X in record time after coming back.
Happy Ending.

The project X was a novel.
It is tentatively titled

             "Life, Love and mmuuaah..!"
The porcupine represents nobody.
THe book releases this January!
Do read it.


Sachin the Seth :)) said...

I'll give you anything to let me be the Saint..

Heck, I'll even BUY your book :D

WAR10CK said...

eagerly waiting project x to be released...

Neha said...

this january... really?
so i guess u'll have to courier me a copy then :) unless u just wanna hand me a copy of the final manuscript in nov wen i come to delhi :)

Honey said...

me waitin too... and well i'll want to have a signed one by u..

Macadamia The Nut said...


raajul jain said...

hey! guy m envious of ur skills , u write so well
is it that u r really writing a book
if true then its really xcitin!
all the best!