Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Where I fell in love with Pulsar DTSI,
and discovered it can touch 120kmph.
developed passions which I had least expected four years ago,
but fell out of love with food.
became a true connoisseur of quality bakchodi,
but lost my appetite for arbitrary fart.
Where I learned electronics.
Where I enjoyed soccer but not tech,
spent max hours as a moral wreck.
Where I took off for Paris,
to come back no wiser.
Where VG came to me for fundes for his gf,
and VB thought I could not bat for my life.
I made sure I proved him right,
by leading the defending champs to an off-podium finish.
Where mech cantt gave me shelter,
when lecture halls didnt.
and I spent those hours ogling rather than hogging.
Where I and Yogesh made 40 robots.
(shhh.....only 2 of them worked)
I made friends which I would definitely not marry my daughter to.
Neither let my son meet.
ACADS, all I can say is,
I seldom flunked, often passed,
aint that good enough?
I did things I wont want anyone to know.
But still leaked the news on my own.
Where the empty spaces seemed to get filled,
but da monologue of life had a different epilogue.
Life was a roller coaster,
faster than TGV.
and today, I woke up and said,
'Oye! chaar saal ho bhi gaye!!!!'


satan' queen said...

Crazy description of a truly insane Sachin!

Shh...did those 2 robots work too? I mean I trust you but are you reaaaaaaaly sure that they were working? ;)

myinsouciantsoul said...

I truly understand what you intend to say. I'm still trying to come up to the terms, hopefully will be able to take a control of them soon enough :) By the way really did those 2 robots work?

gunj said...


Vartika said...

"Where the empty spaces seemed to get filled,
but da monologue of life had a different epilogue."
Another post to sum it up all...
it was fun graduating!

Phoenix said...

Ah, the best days of life..... :)

Kshitij said...

Char saal..total TP!

Dheeraj said...

Thts a quite cool description of engineering...
I also finished my 4 years in the same or I can say... even better way,
But making a comparison won't be justified....
nyways.. but my 4 years of life.. ended last year.. :((((
But the way u have put things is interesting..... :)

Neha said...

wow...3 june ko raat ke 12 baje likha:) anyway one of ur better posts...it made me nostalgic all over again about college when i was thinking i was over it... now its ur turn to break the niche n move out huh... but you're gonna move to a new one unlike me who had to move to a new country...so wen is MDI starting?

P.S.: next time just lemme know when u post a post

Sachin Garg said...

@satan queen,

As the certificates would testify,
one of them lifter the cup in Jamia and the other made it to the finals in IIT Delhi.

Sachin Garg said...

@some soul,

Yes they did.
But the others left us many many many many many many funny stories of our failures at robotics.

Sachin Garg said...



Sachin Garg said...

it really was.

Sachin Garg said...

you are the phoenix.
you will rise from the ashes.

Sachin Garg said...

yar itna effort padhne ke baad bhi yeh ilzaam!

Sachin Garg said...


Sachin Garg said...

this is the effect 3rd of June has on me.
See I wasnt lying.
damn tensed about moving out.
MDI starting this Monday.

P.S. I strongly suspect becoming an ex-blogger like you because of the work load.

Adi Crazy said...

What a post!
I am so proud of you sweetheart! :-)

MDI starting soon, is it?
And couldn't help but notice my lil' mention (feels good) and great to k now that 'da monologue' is remembered. Muah!
U are the best!

Sachin Garg said...

@ the celeb blogger,

feels like one of those purpose defining moments of blogging.

durjoy datta said...

fallen in love with MDI again!

Echo said...

reading your post reminded me of my own on college memories.but wat amazed me was the way u have put it all together...interesting and unique...and def fun to read!

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