Thursday, January 25, 2007

to the reader...

the genesis of this electronic parchment has taken place to accelerate my otherwise snail paced GRE preparations,to escape abeyance.

a blog is fun place to write in.
the strategical statistical obnoxious would be engineer that I am,my brain is loaded with calculations and statistics of the rate at which I am going to post.
In case this millionth time I get lucky,you might just be treated to raw unadulterated typical sachin writings.

heres the plan:quant is my bread and butter.english is the challenge.So when you come accross a bhel puri of French sounding but English words,beware.I am not trying to impress you.
I am just trying to use one more word from the abyssmal BARRONs so that its etched somewhere in my puny skull.

expect frequent editing in this column.
-> memorised vocab is tough to use.
->Writing after a long time,having struggled to spell 'preparations',i think i have found the reason why my learning rate fell so steeply after school even though i spend more time reading than i did when i was in school.

->this blog is not a dictionary.
Even though, if you know me ,you may be in a habit of acquising I am right,I may not be this time!
Hard to believe but true!
So, feel free litter my comments column.

->If you have an important exam coming up,close this window immediately.
the author does not responsible for any damage caused.


Supriya Narang said...

LOLS!!! this was sooo cool..!
Hope to see one of your books at the stores.. will definitely be one of the first day snatcher of it..
btw, did u read this book , "what would you do to save the world?" also by a very young author , from indore :)

Anonymous said...

A good try at making use of vocab after a hard-core rattafication session. Motive is to make the reader feel like a hindi-medium school passout.Cunning u!

creyzeee said...

interesting blog...i sply liked d line just below d header :)